Sunday, 31 July 2011

Post-apocalyptic Mutant Ant House

Used the same alchemy shape for the ant as i did for the last ship picture :) These are fun!

Crashed Ship House

Used alchemy for the basic "ship" shape then went a bit crazy in photoshop...Something new for me, i like it :D The little guy by the ladder found the crashed ship and converted it into a house.

Had a lazy weekend as we've had our super awesome friend Adam staying over, so not much arting. Lots of awesomeness though :D I did manage to do some art here and there. My housemate Murph wants a wallpaper of Rinzler from Tron Legacy so i've been very slowly working up to that...Also some random environments and a zombie thingy. I need to get on with some proper environment practice soon!

Some golem/troll creatures. I didn't push the whole elemental thing as far as i could but i started these mainly for painting practice. I developed the snowy one a bit more later on. I think the earth one is my favourite though.

These are some quick thumbs i did for the Environment challenge over at CA again. The subject was the last tree on Earth. Never got round to finishing it but I'm pleased i even got this far. I'm starting to try and do more enviros recently, they are fun but challenging...

Hi :)

Welcome to my new blog! Hope you enjoy your visit. To start things off I'm posting a couple of recent-ish works. This one was an entry for the creature of the week challenge over at He's a sort of stabby mouse thing. I need to add more detail next time but at least it came out pretty neat and tidy which is good for me :D